Mobile 5G is the next generation mobile standard following in the footsteps of 4G technology, which was launched across the globe about 10 years ago.  Early 5G deployments have begun in the USA and parts of Asia and Europe.  Canadian deployments are starting in 2020/2021.

According to the Accenture Strategy 2018 report commissioned by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, 5G technology is expected to add ~ $40 billion in annual GDP and 250,000 permanent new jobs to Canadian economy by 2026.

This practical workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of 5G market dynamics and insights into emerging short- and longterm commercial opportunities, key industry players, technologies, benefits and challenges. 

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Topics Covered

  • What’s up with 5G?
  • Mobile Evolution and Roadmap
  • 5G Fundamentals and Building Blocks
  • 5G Industry and Ecosystem Challenges
  • Target 5G Use Cases and Benefits
  • North American Commercial Status - USA and CANADA
  • How can businesses best prepare for this 5G tsunami

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Explain the global 5G ecosystem – equipment suppliers, SW players, impacted verticals and related geopolitics
  • Describe key 5G technologies and architectures
  • Distinguish between shorter and longer term use cases and related benefits and challenges
  • Appreciate the North American commercial status of 5G technology

Who Should Attend?

  • Business and technology leaders focused on emerging technologies and innovation
  • Managers, SMEs, and business professionals from various industries including communications, media, technology/SW platforms, government, banking/finance, transportation, aviation, retail, supply chain, healthcare, agriculture, energy, manufacturing, defense, and CPG
  • Investors and entrepreneurs who need to better understand 5G high value opportunities

Course Fee: $495
Duration (hours): 7
Discounts: McGill alumni and current students, as well as corporate groups of 3 or more participants, benefit from a 15% discount.

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