Official Description

9.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Development and deployment of a full stack JavaScript project incorporating both the back end and front end elements of a web application.


Supplementary Information

30 hours in class + approximately 60 hours of project work.

Prerequisite(s) and Corequisite(s)

Students must have successfully completed the following course(s) prior to registration:
  • HTML and CSS (YCIT 001)
  • Structure and Interpretation of JavaScript (YCIT 023) 
  • Reading and Debugging JavaScript (YCIT 025)
  • Applied Algorithms in JavaScript (YCIT 026) 
  • Front End JavaScript and Asynchronous Programming (YCIT 027) 
  • Introduction to ReactJS (YCIT 028) 
  • Node.js and APIs (YCIT 029) 
  • Advanced ReactJS (YCIT 030) 
  • Database for the Web (YCIT 031)

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