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6.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Using real-world cases, provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of event development and production including creative concept development, programming, project planning, and execution of the entire production be it a short event or a full-fledged festival. Focus on strategic alignment and delivery of business value, event financing and the art of “pitching” of tangible and intangible event value, managing multiple stakeholders, requirements, resources, timelines, budgets and teams to deliver an engaging audience experience.


Supplementary Information

36 hours class + at least 25 hours of assignments.

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Section(s) offered
Section Title
Event Concept Development and Production
Language of Delivery
Remote Lecture
6:00PM to 9:00PM
Sep 16, 2021 to Dec 02, 2021
Schedule and Location
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Course Fee(s)
Fee non-credit $1,376.80 Click here to get more information
Drop Request Deadline
Jun 07, 2021 to Sep 23, 2021
Transfer Request Deadline
Jun 07, 2021 to Sep 23, 2021
Withdrawal Request Deadline
Sep 23, 2021 to Sep 30, 2021
Section Notes

A minimum number of registrations is required for this course section to be offered. The School reserves the right to cancel any course section when a minimum number of registrations has not been reached 7 days prior to the start date. In the event of a cancellation, the course fee will be refunded in full.

Course Fee Description

  • Tuition Fee: $1357.00
  • SCS Career Development Success package (SCSD) fee:  $19.80

Course Drop/Withdrawal Policy

  • Any time prior to the 1st class: Course Drop Period with Full Refund.
  • After the 1st and before the 2nd class: Course Withdrawal Period with Full Refund.
  • After the 2nd class before the 3rd class: Course Withdrawal with No Refund.
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