Official Description

4.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

The organization and management of content processes through the use of digital media. Understanding the role of content in the modern enterprise and the need for an enterprise-specific, functional architecture. Purposing of content, creating the content strategy and the execution processes and workflow models for content creation and deployment. Issues of implementation. Understanding and crafting the systems and structures of the organization’s content functions.


Supplementary Information

30 hours of classroom instruction plus approx.15 hours of course readings and assignments.

It is strongly recommended to take Current Trends in Digital Communication course prior to this course.

Topics Covered

  • Traditional content and how technology has propelled content into a pivotal role in the global conversation
  • The layered complexities of content as a cross-functional, multi-disciplinary vertical within the enterprise
  • The purpose, strategies, and production workflow of content
  • The foundational building blocks of the content architecture and implementation across the organization
  • The construction of content architecture through hands-on exercises
  • Resource management for content architecture
  • A range of external supplier systems and options that support the content architecture
  • Content Monetization Models
  • Governing content
  • Recent cases in content architecture

Learning Outcomes

The course is designed to enable you to:

  • Manage and create content architecture
  • Evaluate, optimize, and manage content inventories using digital media


I’m already working in a marketing role. [My organization has] only started dipping our toes into social and community management, and these courses will accelerate implementing our plan.

- Marc Roth, alumnus, Professional Development Certificate in Digital Content and Community Management


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