Organizations have always had communication plans to target key stakeholders and manage times of crises. The rise of digital media, however, has introduced new tools and best practices. By integrating both tradition and social strategies you’ll be prepared to enhance communications with an organization’s employees, shareholders, media, and more.

Topics Covered

Featured topics include:

  • Digital communications and organizational strategy: alignment and support
  • Policies on the use of social media in organizations – trends, legal issues, and best practices
  • Social media and employee recruitment
  • The roles of employees, managers, and other internal figures as ambassadors, creators of corporate culture, and sources of information
  • The use of digital media in pro-active communications such as during restructuring, mergers, or acquisitions
  • Leaks of confidential and proprietary information over the Internet – cases in causes, prevention, and management
  • Issue tracking and reputation management using on-line tools
  • Online crisis communications and management – pro-active intervention and damage control
  • The evolving interaction and mutual influence of social and traditional public information media
  • Development and evaluation of digital media communication plans

Learning Outcomes

The course is designed to enable you to:

  • Develop and implement digital communication plans that align with business strategies
  • Apply the latest online methods for employee recruitment and staff engagement
  • Handle information leaks and crises
  • Integrate traditional and social media relations on behalf of an enterprise


Pre-requisite course: YCBS 112


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