Campaigns of all kinds rely heavily on online platforms, some even exclusively. Whether you’re new or experienced in the field of communications, having the knowledge and skills to drive successful social media campaigns are critical to career advancement.

Topics Covered

Featured topics include:

  • Principles of online community-building and engagement – trust and influence
  • Principles of consumer behaviour in digital media
  • Online grassroots campaigns, petitions, and lobbying
  • Overview of digital marketing practices
  • Consumer relations, brand relations, and promotional campaigns in action: examples of best (and not-so-good) practices in social media campaigns
  • Targeting audiences and choosing channels
  • Global and multilingual considerations
  • Effective diffusion, use, and re-use of content
  • Campaign preparation

Learning Outcomes

The course is designed to enable you to:

  • Engage stakeholders and develop relationships to promote brands, products, and social causes
  • Design a digital campaign, including appropriate measurement and evaluation


“Everything I assign is framed as ‘you can take this to work.’ I run an agency, and some of the homework submissions I receive, I could give them to a client and I think they’d go, ‘wow.’”- Jackson Wightman, lecturer, Social Media Strategies and Community Management
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