Official Description

4.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Multi-unit building structures and good maintenance practices including various building systems: plumbing, heating, mechanical, elevators, electricity and security systems. Manage emergency situations and subcontracted projects. Creating comprenhensive inspection and maintenance reports and, on how to manage a contingency fund.


Supplementary Information

This course is offered in bilingual format: lectures are offered in English. Course material is provided in both English and French. Participants can communicate with the instructor and submit their written assignments in either English or French.

30 hours of classroom instruction plus approx.10 hours of pre-course readings and assignments.

Section(s) offered
Section Title
Residential Building Systems and Maintenance Management
Language of Delivery
Remote Lecture
6:00PM to 9:00PM
Sep 09, 2021 to Nov 11, 2021
Schedule and Location
Contact Hours
Delivery Format(s)
Course Fee(s)
Drop Request Deadline
Oct 07, 2019 to Sep 16, 2021
Transfer Request Deadline
Oct 07, 2019 to Sep 16, 2021
Withdrawal Request Deadline
Sep 16, 2021 to Sep 23, 2021
Section Notes

This course will be taught remotely via live sessions.

A minimum number of registrations is required for this course section to be offered. The School reserves the right to cancel any course section when a minimum number of registrations has not been reached 7 days prior to the start date. In the event of a cancellation, the course fee will be refunded in full.

Course Fee Description

  • Tuition Fee: $1042.00
  • SCS Career Development Success package (SCSD) fee:  $19.80

Course Drop/Withdrawal Policy

  • Any time prior to the 1st class: Course Drop Period with Full Refund.
  • After the 1st and before the 2nd class: Course Withdrawal Period with Full Refund.
  • After the 2nd class before the 3rd class: Course Withdrawal with No Refund.
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