This course focuses on the main legal principles contained in the Civil Code of Quebec and other legal frameworks governing residential and co-ownership properties. Gain an understanding of the various frameworks and the minimum obligations of all parties and learn how to identify possible actions when required.

Topics Covered

Buying and selling a property

  • Rights and duties of the seller
  • Rights and duties of the buyer
  • Rights and duties of the stakeholders: real estate broker, notary, land surveyor, building inspector

Leases of dwellings and commercial units

  • Rights and duties of the landlords
  • Rights and duties of the tenants
  • The lease

Co-ownership law

  • Types Of Condominiums
  • Tracking The Creation Of Divided Co-Ownership
  • The Birth of a Syndicate
  • The cadastral plan
  • Declaration of co-ownership
  • Components of the immovable
  • Fraction’s sale by the developer and the developer’s warranties & obligations / warranty plan
  • Loss of control of the syndicate by the developer - the provisional administration
  • The transitional meeting
  • The transition and the reception of the common portions by an independent board of directors
  • Co-Ownership Features
  • Rights, duties and responsibilities of the various participants in the co-ownership
  • Register of the co-ownership
  • Condominium’s insurance and insurance trustee
  • Common expenses
  • Co-owners’ general meetings and decisions
  • Proxies
  • Management, maintenance, repair and replacement
  • The litigations: of the syndicate, the administrators and the co-owners
  • The arbitration clauses of mediation
  • The defects, workmanship and violations of art rules
  • Prescription and deprivation delays
  • The charter of human rights and freedoms
  • Public order
  • The End of a Divided Co-ownership
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