McGill’s Combined Career Workshop are tailored to guide your career transition in the local labour market.

This combined workshop includes the Professional Transition Series and the Job Search Series and will discuss CV and cover letters, interview skills, Canadian workplace culture, Quebec labour standards, current job market prospects, and more.

Topics Covered

The series includes:

  • My 7-Step Career Map
  • Labour Market Prospects in Quebec
  • Managing my Career - the Complete Picture
  • My Action Plan - Facilitated Peer Work Group
  • Communications and Cultures in the Workplace (Part 1)
  • Communications and Cultures in the Workplace (Part 2)
  • Identifying My Unique Value: the Perfect Pitch
  • Networking: the Power of LinkedIn
  • Demystifying the Interview: The Questions behind the Questions
  • Exclusive Access to a CV webinar!


“It’s something to help me advance in my career. It’s already helped my confidence, and my interview skills are stronger.”

- Carina Lucen
Labour Market Workshops

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