Official Description

9.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Digital product strategy, value creation, digital product development and lifecycle management process, product decision-making, methodologies, frameworks and tools enabling design of performant digital products; leading product development teams and stakeholders with agility and collaborative mindset.


Supplementary Information

45 contact hours plus approximately 45 hours of assignments; the contact hours include one 6-hour Saturday class.

Topics Covered

Introduction to digital product management

  • Product Management Roles
  • Product Mindset vs Project Mindset
  • Age of disruption
  • Different types of digital products

Creating value through product

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Internal alignment
  • Digital product development & management process
  • Product lifecycle

Introduction to User Experience (UX) and customer journey map

  • UX & customer journey map


WORKSHOP 1 – Fast ideation of an MVP

Business analysis and market research to validate a product

  • Market research
  • Requirements management
  • Users & stakeholders Interviews
  • Business analysis toolbox

Product management in an agile world

  • PM tools
  • Product owner role in Agile product development
  • Team management & roles in Agile


WORKSHOP 2 – Simulating agile prototype development

  • Strategizing products
  • Product Management Roles in details
  • Digital Product Strategy
  • Agile roadmap development
  • Cost of bringing a digital product to market
  • Intellectual property and legal issues in product development

Managing product development

  • Product development updates for managers and executives
  • External stakeholders’ management
  • Financials management
  • Product marketing
  • Go to market strategy

Launching a product

  • Product launch
  • Product support
  • Product KPI
  • Digital product metrics and performance evaluation


WORKSHOP 3 – Product launch strategy and execution

  • Updating products
  • Roadmap re-assessment
  • Next version planning

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain the key benefits of the Product Thinking approach and its role in digital transformation.
  • Describe how businesses can boost their digital product development capabilities through product
  • Apply a comprehensive set of tools, frameworks and practices to lead digital product development
  • Contribute to product design in order to generate high value for users
  • Support digital product development process
  • Plan the product development with an agile and multidisciplinary mindset
  • Generate customer insights to create the right customer experience and digital product
  • Collaborate efficiently with product development teams
  • Consider intellectual property and legal issues in digital product development

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