Passing the entrance examination is the very first step toward admission to the Graduate Diploma in Legal Translation. The examination consists of two parts: written exam and interview. Please read the following information carefully to prepare for the entrance examination.

Sequence of exam parts
The two parts of the examination must take place in the following sequence: written exam, followed by the interview. The two parts of the examination must take place within two weeks of each other, and the written exam must be submitted no later than four days before the interview. For example, if you choose the Tuesday, January 16 time slot for the interview, you must submit your written exam no earlier than two weeks (January 2) and no later than four days (January 12) before the interview.

Description of the written exam
The first part of the entrance examination is a written exam, in English or French. This is an online exam, to be taken at home, at your convenience (before the end of the examination period). The aim of the written exam is to validate your skills in reading comprehension (English and French) and writing (English or French, depending on your dominant language).

Accessing the written exam
The written exam is available online on the myCourses examination platform. Within 24 hours of registering, you will receive a separate email (with the subject Welcome to myCourses (non-credit), McGill University’s LMS for non-credit activities) with instructions on how to log in to Athena (student portal) and access the myCourses examination platform.

Description of the interview
The second part consists of a 30-minute interview (English and French). The aim is to validate your skills and experience.

Scheduling the interview
Once the registration is complete, you will receive a separate email with the subject McGill University School of Continuing Studies Confirmation. It contains a link to schedule your interview.

Evaluation criteria
The purpose of the examination process is to ensure that candidates have an adequate level of French and English to be able to succeed in the program.

A few weeks after the written exam and interview, you will receive an email with your results (pass, fail, or incomplete).

We do not provide candidates with their exact score or corrected exam. However, general feedback can be provided, including areas for improvement, to help candidates succeed at their next attempt.

Next steps
Passing the exam is the first requirement for admission to the program, but it is not the only condition. You must submit an application. Once admitted, you will receive more information on how to register for courses and how to access course content on the myCourses platform. Until you are officially admitted, you may also register for courses as an independent student.

If you have any questions, please contact translation.scs@mcgill.ca.

Section(s) offered
Section Title
Graduate Diploma in Legal Translation - Entrance Examination (English and French)
Language of Delivery
Mar 01, 2024 to Jun 22, 2024
Course Fee(s)
Entrance Exam Fee non-credit $30.59
Drop Request Deadline
Feb 23, 2024
Transfer Request Deadline
Feb 23, 2024
Withdrawal Request Deadline
No withdrawal request allowed after enrollment
Section Notes

For the current examination period (Winter 2024), the result of the Entrance Examination will be valid for the Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 admission terms.

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