Have you ever wondered how data scientists tackle a data related problem, summarize the main features of a data set and derive the insights they need to decide which analytics or machine learning techniques to apply? Did you know that Data Scientists and their teams spend more than 80% of their time cleaning, preparing and transforming a data set? 

This hands-on workshop addresses the challenge of analysing different data sets and summarizing their main characteristics using tables and graphs. Using the Alteryx Data Analytics Platform, participants learn the iterative process and techniques to perform an exploratory data analysis. 

Topics Covered

  • Key Alteryx features and tools
  • Extracting data from various data sources (databases, websites, APls)
  • CRISP: Cross-industry standard process for data mining
  • Enriching data by combining features of the existing data set and blending in new data sets
  • Fundamentals of modeling and model evaluation
  • Communicating the results

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Work with different formats of data
  • Explore and summarize the key characteristics and underlying structure of a data set.
  • Blend different datasets to enrich data
  • Create models and use them to drive business decisions


You may bring your own laptop with Alteryx installed or use one of the computers provided in class. 

Who Should Attend?

Data analysts; professionals working with data.

Course Fee: $695
Duration (hours): 7
Discounts: McGill alumni and current students, as well as corporate groups of 3 or more participants, benefit from a 15% discount.

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