Never before have the skills of creative business transformation been more critical. In a business world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, business leaders and entrepreneurs need practical tools to effectively rethink business challenges, models and products, harness creativity and drive business growth in the face of disruption.

Taught by Gabor George Burt, top Blue Ocean Strategy expert, global authority on creative business transformation, and originator of the Slingshot Framework, this Creative Business Transformation Certification course offers a practical approach to “Blue Ocean” creation. Ideal for business leaders, managers, coaches, consultants, trainers and entrepreneurs, this course covers the key insights and tools offered by the Slingshot Framework to distill the complexity of successfully navigating the current environment, and enable participants to continuously transform their business for growth and relevance.

This certification course comprises the following:

  • Introductory webinar
  • Three hour Masterclass
  • One-hour interactive application symposium one month following the Masterclass
  • Digital copy of Slingshot: Re-Imagine Your Business, Re-Imagine Your Life by Gabor G. Burt. (This book is only privately available and serves as an exclusive resource for participants).
  • Online Certification exam
  • Certification badge upon successful completion of the exam

Topics Covered

Topics covered include: 

  • Fundamental principles of Blue Ocean Strategy
  • The Six Question Test which exposes your self-imposed mental boundaries about your business
  • The “perpetual crisis mindset” and critical elements of creative business transformation
  • The process of continuously re-imagining market boundaries
  • Core concepts of the Slingshot Framework
  • Mapping customer journeys and diagnosing pain points
  • Harnessing the power of turning pain points into points of delight and infatuation
  • Taking advantage of the “Innovation Shortcut”- fusing together already existing components to generate unprecedented customer value
  • Business transformation tools including the Accordion Chart, Slingshot Grid and Infatuation Interval Index

Learning Outcomes

This course is designed to help you achieve the following:

  • Rethink the limitations of your business to increase its relevance, create new avenues for growth and build “customer infatuation”
  • Map your business’ strategic positioning to align customer experience design, innovation, corporate culture and corporate strategy
  • Turn customer pain points into points of delight and joy
  • Uncover new opportunities for relevance and growth
  • Harness the collective creativity of your team
  • Take advantage of the innovation shortcuts to minimize resource needs and maximize your market impact
  • Earn the Slingshot Certification

Who Should Attend?

  • Business leaders seeking to future-proof their business and leverage new opportunities for growth
  • Business consultants, coaches, advisors or trainers wishing to master new tools to help their clients transform
  • Students or entrepreneurs looking to launch a new business
Section(s) offered
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Creative Business Transformation: Turning Crisis into Opportunity Slingshot Certification Course
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Remote Workshop
9:00AM to 12:00PM
Jun 16, 2021
Remote Workshop
12:00PM to 1:00PM
Jul 07, 2021
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Tuition Fee non-credit $795.00
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Jun 09, 2021
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No transfer request allowed after enrollment
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No withdrawal request allowed after enrollment
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Gabor George Burt

Cancellation Policy

All cancellation requests must be made in writing to pd.conted@mcgill.ca.

  • Receive a full refund if your cancellation request is received up to 7 days prior to the start date of the workshop.
  • Receive a refund minus $50 cancellation fee if your cancellation request is received within 7 days prior to the start date of the workshop.
  • No Refunds are issued if no written notice is given prior to the start of the workshop.
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