Do you have a good grasp of the basics of English grammar but wish that you could deliver your ideas more persuasively? In this interactive workshop, we’ll focus on a variety of document and writing structures available to you, and what role each can play in creating effective patterns, rhythm, and flow. We’ll also work on how to use emphasis (through formatting, contrast, and other means) to draw your readers’ attention to key points, and which structures are best suited to particular purposes and contexts. Participants will come away with practical tips and material to apply to their professional writing.

Topics Covered

  • Communication styles and their role(s)
  • Understanding and communicating with diverse audience(s)
  • Strategies to best organize and synthesize ideas
  • Solutions-based communication techniques
  • Tools to help build persuasive and motivational communication

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Understand the impact of your communication style
  • Write appropriate content for a variety of audiences
  • Identify the purpose of different communication genres
  • Organize material to best satisfy your reader's information needs
  • Construct persuasive arguments and proposals
  • Follow effective business writing and speaking conventions
  • Write effective business documents tailored to specific purposes, audiences, and contexts
  • Communicate strategically in a variety of business situations
  • Create professional and influential business documents
  • Apply successful written and spoken communication strategies to inform, persuade and motivate others

Who Should Attend?

Emerging leaders, new and middle managers, communications specialists, sales and marketing professionals, facilitators and moderators, anyone who wants to learn and apply effective business communication techniques and better understand the art of persuasion.

Contact Hours: 6


In-person: 1 full day
Virtually – 2 half-day sessions of 3 hours each

Fee: $595

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