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The Communication & Interpersonal Skills in Business short program, offered by Faculty Partnerships & Summer Studies, has been designed for undergraduate-level university students wishing to further expand their knowledge in this topic. 
A completed first-year of university in a related field is recommended. In some cases, working professionals may also enroll. Individuals are encouraged to register for the entire non-credit program and cannot register for a single course independent of the program. 


Strong interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence have been identified as key ingredients for success in the professional world. Professionals from any and all fields of expertise need to rely on their interpersonal skills when interacting with colleagues, subordinates, superiors, clients and other stakeholders.
The objective of this course is to help students develop career-enhancing interpersonal skills with emphasis on the following areas: communication styles, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, influencing others, diversity and intercultural communication, presentation and facilitation skills.
Your ability to communicate effectively and efficiently in the workplace influences your opportunities for advancement. The demand for specialized language and intercultural communication skills is steadily growing in today’s global marketplace. You need more than technical expertise to succeed. You need excellent professional, interpersonal and social skills to direct others’ activities to attain organizational goals. In this course, students will acquire techniques and strategies for successful cross-cultural, business and professional communication and networking in English.

Program Confirmation

All short programs will be confirmed two (2) months prior to the start date of the session. Short programs beginning in July will be confirmed in May, while programs beginning in January will be confirmed in December.

Students currently residing outside of Quebec are advised to refrain from making any travel or accommodation arrangements until the selected program has been confirmed. In the event of a program cancellation, students can choose to follow another short program or request a reimbursement.


Accommodation at the student residence Evo Old Montreal can be purchased separately. More information concerning accommodation options and pricing will be sent to all participants, by e-mail, following program confirmation.

Additional Information

For any registration or administrative questions, please contact us directly at shortprograms.scs@mcgill.ca.

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